Pandora is an innovative and modular platform that enables products to be built faster, better and more cost-effectively.


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Fast and flexible

Easily configured to meet any requirements

Pandora is 80% built, which enables fast implementation of the finished system. The key to this rapid delivery is the flexibility of the remaining 20%, which can be easily and elegantly configured to provide a system that will exactly match your requirements in as little at 12 weeks. Streamlined workflow, pre-built templates and full customisation of the interface to match your brand guides are the reasons why global brands are live with Pandora now.

Rapid speed to market

Pandora’s flexible and modular model makes rapid delivery a reality, with a system to review within six weeks and a full system delivered in as little as 12 weeks. Flexible and modular, Pandora can be configured quickly to provide a system that exactly matches your requirements. The pre-built cloud-based platform allows companies to launch web-based products in record time, keeping costs low by saving on time and in-house IT support requirements.

Access anywhere on any device

Access anywhere on any device

Pandora is cloud-based, enabling you to manage your business processes via a web browser, securely, from anywhere.

Fully browser compatible

Not only is Pandora web-enabled, it is fully browser compatible, working on all mainstream browsers and mobile technology.

Work across all devices

Pandora works seamlessly across all devices giving you complete access, wherever you are, on mobile, desktop, laptop or tablet.

A cost-effective solution

Faster delivery means lower upfront costs

Pandora can be configured and implemented in as little as 12 weeks. Our time-efficient processes keep upfront costs low. We plan ahead of requirements, then streamline our workflow, using our modular system to address multiple tasks simultaneously. This approach ensures seamless configuration of the system and speeds up delivery, saving on time, reducing in-house IT support requirements and thereby reducing the overall cost.