Jersey technology firm WARM chosen to partner States £24m IT project

Date posted: 15/03/2021

The Government of Jersey has appointed Keytree, a Deloitte business, to lead the delivery of the Integrated Technology Solution (ITS) Programme.

Keytree will lead the delivery of business change services, develop ways to integrate different government systems and provide a new technology solution including SAP.

This appointment follows a 12-month procurement process, which included multiple stages and extensive user and bidder engagement. A total of five organisations responded to the Government’s invitation to tender, all of whom included an on-Island partner.

The ITS Programme is lead by Camilla Black, Group Director of Technology Procurement and John Quinn, Chief Operating Officer. It will provide, among other things, a digital back office that will join up finance, payroll and procurement systems. The Government says “It will provide the foundation for a shift in the way government operates, as well as how it manages Island-wide infrastructure.”

The changes will enable the Government to standardise and simplify how it works, and develop better ways of working across commercial services, finance, people services, asset and inventory management. This will make it easier for islanders to access information and support, and will make it simpler for suppliers to work with Government.

To deliver the programme, Keytree will team with two further organisations. These organisations include Sysdoc, an independent transformation consultancy that specialises in large scale business transformation, with a focus on the people affected by the change and local company Web Administration Resource Management (WARM), which will provide additional technical skills to support the implementation of the new technology solution.

The new technology solution is provided by SAP, and it has been recommended by the Keytree team as the appropriate solution for the Government of Jersey.

The value of the 4-year delivery contract with Keytree is £19.3 million. The Government will sign a separate 5-year software contract with SAP valued at £4.9 million.

As part of their delivery contract, Keytree will ensure that the ITS Programme creates additional benefits for Islanders. This means that Keytree, Sysdoc, WARM and SAP will work with a range of organisations to provide digital training, work opportunities, and support for Islanders and local businesses. These organisations will include Digital Jersey, Skills Jersey, the Back to Work team, and local charities, schools and Highlands College.

Island based carbon offsetting programmes will also benefit from support as part of Keytree’s delivery contract.

Chief Operating Officer, John Quinn, said: “Keytree was selected because of its demonstration of the technical and business change abilities required to deliver transformation, and alignment with Government of Jersey core values and ways of working.

“We will be working with them to not only implement new digital systems, but also to develop new ways of working, provide new services to Islanders and businesses and better engage with our suppliers.

“The ITS project will move us closer to the ‘One Government’ aim of working more efficiently, more effectively, and providing better value for money for Islanders.”

Assistant Chief Minister, Deputy Scott Wickenden, said: “We have known for some years that Government can’t afford to delay investment in its IT systems. So many of our systems are reaching the end of their life; as well as creating more difficulties for our staff, these systems could, over time, pose an operational risk.

“The appointment of Keytree to the project will allow us to pair these IT upgrades with new ways of working, freeing staff from more administrative, mundane tasks to work on the tasks which are more engaging, more interesting, and which add value for the people of Jersey.”

WARM CEO, Jensen Nixon said “During the last 12 months, WARM have learnt so much having gone through this full process and are absolutely delighted to have been chosen to work as part of the consortium, as well as working with Government of Jersey.

“WARM as an organisation, have never been involved in such a detailed procurement process, and the Government of Jersey really put the consortium through its paces, to achieve the right outcome to include Social Value and the involvement of local businesses. This has been hugely advantageous, not only to WARM but to the Island as a whole, with a huge consideration on the local economy.”

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